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How We Tiled Over Tile is part of Tile bathroom, Painting kitchen tiles, Tile over tile, Painting tile backsplash, Kitchen tiles, Tiles – When I shared this post the other day I had no idea it would be happening so soon! I was very surprised by my better half that we were going to the tile store last Sunday afternoon to get the tile I wanted and then bam this project was underway! How We Tiled Over Tile This is how the old tile looked While it was okay I was not in love with it with the new white cabinet color and it’s a bit too busy to me with the busy granite pattern So once Mr Savvy realized he could just remove a few tiles and not a total removal he decided to go ahead with this project The raised brown piece that you see in this photo runs all the way under the cabinets and since it sticks out that was the only thing he needed to remove Once he got the first piece out the rest came out fairly easily After removing the decorative piece he had to find something to fill the gap in that was level with the existing tile We found some cheap tile to use the fit perfectly I shared this pic on instagram so be sure to follow me for some behind the scences And for the naysayers who say you can’t tile over tile I’m afraid you can I even googled the info It won’t work in every case, but it works perfectly with this job After Mr Savvy got home from work on Monday he was back at it and got a bit more done Lots of cuts had to be made around outlets and trim so it was slow going that night He’d be done if all he had to do was slap tile up there He worked more on Tuesday and it was looking so good We had to leave early afternoon to go for our yearly skin check, but got back to it when we got home He quit right before a storm blew in that night and our power went out I love the cleaner brighter look of this natural stone tile He got all the way to the fridge except for the part you can’t see up under the cabinets He will get back to that soon Then it’s on to this side and the fun part of grouting it all and the clean up See the reveal here

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