How to paint a highland cow in 7 easy steps – Highland cow painting

How to paint a highland cow in 7 easy steps is part of Highland cow painting, Cow painting, Cow art, Cow drawing, Highland cow, Easy watercolor – I love painting these shaggy haired creatures, who seem to have a personality all their own Step I Draw your cow Step 2 I paint the tightest parts first so I begin with his nose ( there are no eyes to paint on this beast!) Thinking carefully about lights and darks , I like to add blues to the pinks Step 3 Next is the horns, there are many more colours in there than you think and remember to add shading so they have that nice ’rounded’ feel Step 4 Now the fun begins water lots of it and flood the hairy bits with water and an under painting of yellow Step 5 Here you can be as mad or restrained as you like I like to think about what makes the animal you are painting what it it is A bird it maybe the wings, a zebra it’s the stripes a highland cow it’s the shaggy coat So I want to emphasize that in the piece, I add colour take it away, spray the piece with water, splatter, flick turn it upside down and generally make a mess, but always looking at what is happening if you like it ,keep it ,if not blot it out Practice and see what happens Step 6 I also want to give an impression of the rest of the cow Same as the head really but fainter so I paint it then fade the colour away with lots of water, it gives the head the focus Step 7 Almost there, let it dry then you can add more splatters, and I like to add some gold ink and white acrylic flicks and splatters to finish the whole piece off

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